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Wednesday Whatevers

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2005-05-04 - 6:39 a.m.

Wednesday Whatevers

Honey, I'm baaack!

I've been finishing the draft of my book. Voila! I've worked it and reworked it. It is finished and off to Maine to be critiqued and edited. Now I'll start work on the synopsis and a query letter...and then start waiting for the reject slips.

I have a few grandmotherly brags today: our granddaughter Kristina has accepted a full-ride four year academic scholarship to the University of Oregon's Honors College.

Granddaughter Chelsea just hit 5:00 mark for a mile in an invitational meet, as a sophomore in high school. Can you spell ecstatic! That's what she was. She had hoped to break it by the end of this school year and she did it. What she needed was this kind of competition.

Chelsea and Connor went with the Madrigal Choir to New York and Boston during Spring Break. Highlights of the trip besides the usual touristy kinds of things - singing with the Harlem Boys Choir and sacred music at some Cathedrals.

O. K. here are the Wednesday Whatevers:

1. Which do you use most - fractions or decimals?

I'm tutoring an 8th grade boy with spacial challenges, so we've been going over the basics in math since the beginning of the school year. We focus on word problems, since those are the most challenging for him - visualizing the problem and what process to use. We've had to go back and review the basics in both fractions and decimals. But as for what I personally use? Fractions for cooking, decimals for money.

When I had my stores, I used fractions and decimals equally. I was always surprised when members of my staff couldn't figure 20% off without using a calculator.

2. Why is fashion mostly directed at women?

Fashion is directed mostly at women because women are receptive. It is hard to tell which came first, the chicken or the egg. Do women like to shop because there is more variety and vicissitude in fashion? Or has the fashion industry just cashed in on women's predilection and penchant for shopping. Good question.

3. What is the best way to be famous? I think it's easier to be infamous and famous. For instance, just this past week, a bride with cold feet (and it is no wonder - 14 bridesmaids and 14 ushers!!!) disappeared, told a false story about being abducted, and instant fame...or infamy. Her name and picture with her head covered on every newscast and in every paper. Poor thing! The forgiving groom also made the news.

Real fame, however, takes a bit more effort. The easiest way is to marry or have an affair with someone who is already famous, e.g. Prince Charles. I'm guessing Prince William would do the trick!

Fame is a fleeting thing. Here today, gone tomorrow. Haven't you ever asked yourself, "Whatever happened to..."

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