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2005-03-13 - 2:05 p.m.

Revisit, Revise, Refine

I've sent out copies of the manuscript to several people, asking for comments and critique. I've gotten one back from Jim Lyons, one of my writing group partners. Thanks, Jim - many useful comments.

An author gets too close to the work sometimes, I think. For instance, I mentioned the names of sons-in-law early on in the piece before I had really introduced them. I suddenly had Valerie being married, when I hadn't even mentioned her and Mike dating.

He liked the inner thought comments (or asides) in italics, but noted right away there were chapters where I hadn't thought to use any -- chapters I had written before I came up with that idea. It will be easy to go back and fill those in, but that's what I've been doing the last couple of days.

And that lead me to add some more chapters...more about writing my first book, about Ed, and about how my adult children got to where they are. Briefly, as their stories are really theirs to tell. I have to figure out how to get Mark from age 13 to being married with three daughters!

Deciding what to include, what to omit...that's the difficult part. The writing is a piece of cake. Speaking of which, I have included a few recipes in this manuscript - my Christmas eggnog, mulled wine, Crab canapes, and Strawberry Pie...and I'm not finished yet, so who knows what will be included by the time I'm finished. Surely my Italian bread recipe!

Happy reading!

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