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2004-12-11 - 8:04 p.m.

Making Memories...They Grow Up So Fast

Last week I wrote about the Davis High School Madrigal Dinner, at which two of my grandchildren sang. This week my daughter Laurie called and asked if Connor could stay with us last night, as she had already planned a trip to San Diego for this weekend before she heard that tonight is the Junior Prom. I agreed, of course. Their plans were complete. Connor has a new black double vented, double-breasted black suit that looks fabulous on his tall 6-ft slender frame. Laurie just needed to pick up his new white dress shirt from the laundry; Connor would pick up his date’s corsage on Saturday that had been ordered and pre-paid. He had a singing gig with a Madrigal double octet, caroling with a group of Brownies, leaving from the home of his director.

Granddaughter Chelsea and my daughter Marci left Thursday by plane for Chicago, where Chelsea would compete in the Junior Olympics Cross Country race with her Sacramento Buffalo Babes teammates. [She’s on the far right, kneeling in the front row.] Marci called this afternoon with the great news: “Your granddaughter is All American!” Chelsea came in 4th or 5th (I’m not sure which…we’ve yet to read the official results on the website) with a time of 18:26 for a 5K, one second behind one of her teammates. Marci said she had been running in 8th place until the end when she kicked it, to place in the top five, which qualifies her as All American.

She sounded elated, looking forward to a trip to Chicago’s Miracle Mile for a bit of shopping and gazing at the holiday lights and windows. Her team had gone last night, but she wisely had forgone the experience for a good rest in preparation for today’s race. She’ll add to her growing collection of medals at tonight’s awards ceremony.

Connor spent the day running errands, doing some household chores, and goofing off, in general, at his house. Ed had the phone, so at about 4:30, I suggested that he call him to casually ask if he had gotten down to pick up the corsage. He’s just 16. I had a 16-year old son once, so wanted to be sure that his emergency at 7 p.m. didn’t turn into OUR emergency. He said, “I’m on my way now. I have to get an extra corsage though, for one of Cassie’s girlfriends. She and her boyfriend broke up last night, so she’s going with us. They’d been planning to go to dinner with us and then to the dance. I’ll dance with her some. We’ll have a good time. But I want to get her a corsage, too.” What a great kid!

After picking up the flowers, Connor remembered he’d left the tickets for the dance on the refrigerator. I told you he’s 16…got lots on his mind. It’s those 16 year old hormones, y’a know. So Ed drove him back to get the tickets before coming back here to get dressed for the big deal.

Ed helped him tie his Christmas red tie. He looked smashing - definitely All American, too! I don’t have pictures yet to prove it…maybe next week.

It’s these kinds of activities of our grandchildren that take my mind off the current state of world affairs. If only for a few moments, until I remember that many of the men and women fighting and dying in Iraq at this very moment are just three or four years older than these grandchildren.

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