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2004-11-16 - 12:13 p.m.

Is There No Justice?

Yesterday I wrote about a page-one story in last Thursday's Times that pupils at Public School 63 in the South Bronx have to take their gym classes in the school's lobby, while plans are in the air to subsidize a new sports facility as pay-back for one of Bush's big supporters.

This week a state-of-the-art performing arts building will open at Davis High School, which two of my grandchildren will sing in at the Grand Opening. The complex includes a 500-seat theater and separate space for classes, rehearsals, computers, as well as storage for related equipment and a music library -- all part of a $9.7 million construction project!

"A first-class facility for a first-class group of kids," the principal said. It will be a far cry from the 350-seat (metal chairs)multi-purpose room where all of my kids performed when they were in high school...and certainly from what those kids in New York have.

It is not that I begrudge our Davis High kids this beautiful new facility, but I know it is only because our city has never failed to support a bond measure for our schools. Not all cities, counties and states are as affluent or as willing. And therein lies a reason for some kind of national funding so that, indeed, no child would be left behind...or have to do their exercises in the lobby of their school, while others luxuriate in new state-of-the-art gymnasiums (or performing arts center).

Just a thought!

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