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2004-11-14 - 8:22 p.m.

Grand Weekend

A weekend of grandchildren activities. Yesterday morning Chelsea led her cross-country team to Section Championship...on to State meet November 27th. The Davis boys took 1st place, too. Quite a feat for both to win in same year.[Chelsea is #26 in the first picture and on the far left in the teams photo. The course was a bit slippery going down the hill and over a bridge - several falls!]

Last night Connor's recital went off without a hitch. His voice has matured...and he has learned to move and interact with audience. His solo was "Non posso disperar" by Bononcini (in Italian, so I have no idea what it was about!)Great job, though! Next he sang three songs with a Madrigal Octet...well blended and quite lovely. Some outstanding voices.

Then he sang a duet with a buddy of his -- "My boy, you may take it from me" -- a fun thing of Sullivan of Gilbert & Sullivan fame. And his last appearance was "Do you hear the people sing?" from Les Miz - a trio of rich male voices.

I hadn't planned today's activity, but at the last minute decided to drive to Santa Clara with Ed, Peter and Max to Max's 3rd (and possibly 4th grame) of a two-day baseball tournament. Max warned me that their opponent today was a tough team and that two of their best players weren't going to be there -- pitcher, as it turns out. It was something of a slaughter, but Max made a couple of spectactular catches out in left field, so all was not lost. Max was stoic about the loss, reminded of a famous player, who said, "It's just a game!"

Fun weekend...and tomorrow we look forward to friends coming from up in the foothills to spend the afternoon with us!

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