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QUOTATION: People often say that, in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people. Of course, that is not true. Decisions are made by a majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote - a very different thing. - Walter H. Judd

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2004-11-08 - 3:44 p.m.

Sour Grapes, Expansive E-Voting, or Diabolical Diebold?

I’ve never thought of myself as prone to believing conspiracy theories, but I find this 2004 election a bit of a conundrum. As you may recall, I worried about the efficiency of e-voting on July 16th of this year.” One thing is certain: No matter what our political affiliation, no matter which issues we support, we are unanimous on the fact that voting must be at the heart of a democratic system. And to achieve that, our vote-counting program must be trustworthy.” I was pleased that California had rejected the non-paper trail Diebold voting programs.

After the election, I read a column by Thomas Harmann at commondreams.org that gave me pause. And then another questioning whether the Ohio vote was rigged.Then I saw the exit poll vs. actual voting as logged in various states. The discrepancy between those states that used paper trail and those that were strictly e-voting seems more than strangely coincidental. Take a look at the graphs on the Friday 5th November 2004 article:Too many voting ’irregularities’ to be coincidence. The exit polls in the non-swing states (and those that had a paper trail) were very close to the actual vote. In the swing states and those that used the e-voting seem way off, all in favor of George W. Bush. I find my cynicism and skepticism rising by the moment.

There are dozens of links at this URL that relate to voter intrigue. Kerry may have conceded, but who can be sure that he lost? Check 'em out.

I’ve written to CNN and AP and asked if the exit poll results by precinct in those two states could be published to reassure those of us who are now questioning the results of the election. So far have not had a reply.

I’m glad to hear there are true believers out there.

Poll: Voters Relieved by Decisive Election

By WILL LESTER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Most American voters say the decisive presidential election last week has given them renewed confidence about the nation's electoral system and they're hopeful about the next four years, an Associated Press Poll finds….

…and I’m sorry I can’t in good conscience be one of them. Yet. It begins to feel as though the election was stolen once again. I need convincing.[If I don't post another blog, you'll know Ashcroft has come to get me!]

P. S. Diebold was a big financial contributor to G.W., ya know.

Watch this movie at votergate.org . I'm not alone.

An excerpt fromThe stolen election of 2004: welcome back to hellby Larry Chin

"The American vote count is controlled by three major corporate players, Diebold , ESS , Sequoia , and a fourth, SAIC , Science Applications International. All four are hard-wired into the Bush power structure, the Bush crime family.

"They have been given millions of dollars by the Bush regime to complete a sweeping computerization of voting machines that were just used in the 2004 election. The technology involved had a trial run during the 2002 mid-term elections. Georgia had Diebold machines in every precinct. As a result, a popular Democratic governor and senator were both unseated in what the media called an "amazing" 16 percent swing.

"Diebold's Walden O'Dell, a top Bush fundraiser, publicly committed himself to delivering his home state Ohio's votes to Bush. At Diebold, the election division is run by Bob Urosevich. Bob's brother, Todd, is a top executive at "rival" ES&S. The brothers were originally staked by Howard Ahmanson, a member of the Council For National Policy , a right-wing steering group stacked with Bush true believers. Ahmanson is also one of the bagmen behind the extremist Christian Reconstruction Movement , which advocates the theocratic takeover of American democracy.

"Meanwhile, SAIC is referred to a "shadowy defense contractor". They have gotten into the vote count game both directly and through spinoffs by its top brass, including Admiral Bill Owens, former military aide to Dick Cheney, and Carlyle Group honcho Frank Carlucci and ex-CIA chief Robert Gates. SAIC's history of fraud charges and security "lapses" haven't prevented it from becoming one of the largest Pentagon and CIA contractors, and will doubtless encounter few obstacles in its entrance into the vote counting business.

"The mad rush to install these unverifiable computers is driven by the Help America Vote Act, signed by …Bush! The chief lobbying group pushing for the act (while we dumb asses sat out here and thought, 'That sounds like a good idea!') was a consortium of arms dealers including Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin .

"When you hear people saying, 'take a deep breath, we will pull through this', 'we need to work harder', 'we need to organize'-no. We will not. It's over.

"Unless electronic vote tabulation is history, and these companies are driven out of business, it's their country. Not ours.

"Nobody knows, and no one will ever know, what the actual vote count was.

"There are no checks and balances left. The US Senate now has 55 of these Republicans. When they hit 60, which is what will happen in 2006 mid-term elections-trust me-that means that no matter what Bush and the crime family want to do, they can do it. The House (of Representatives) is gone for the next two to five generations. It's gone.

"The last thing rational people in this country need right now is this whistling-past-the-graveyard horse hockey. Nothing is going to happen; it's going to get worse. There will never again be a legitimate election in this county.

"Until we get rid of the machines.

The people who put the software together-do you think that they are in this business to promote democracy? To promote representative government? Then you are a fool, and you don't deserve anything other than the lash.

Kerry did not lose the election. The vote was stolen. Get that through your head."

The Bush syndicate owns and runs the machines that make the votes. They control all branches of the federal government.

There is nothing more painful than witnessing the Kerry voters, liberals and progressives as they agonize over "what went wrong," second guessing their Herculean efforts, grasping for solutions in outdated ideas, and vowing how "next time, we'll work harder, and we'll really get out the vote!", and that "we'll nominate even better candidates!"

Still others are asking reasonable questions. Why aren't Walden O'Dell, Jeb Bush, and J. Kenneth Blackwell under arrest, or in jail? Exactly how did Associated Press pull it off on election night? Will any of the Bush administration criminals ever be punished for their war crimes? Then one must ask, who is going to prosecute? Who is going to hear the cases? The Bush Justice Department? The Bush FBI? The Supreme Court?

When you play fair in a rigged game, it doesn't matter how hard you work, or even what you do. Insanity is repeating the same mistake, expecting a different result.
Chin goes on to say that maybe the old Skull and Crossbones brothers from Yale were in cahoots, playing Good Cop/Bad Cop and that it was all a ploy to get Bush elected all along. I won't go that far!

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