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2004-10-31 - 4:42 p.m.

A Dashing Diversion...

I spent a bit of my morning sewing pearls on granddaughter Chelsea's Madgrigal gown -- nearly finished by the time we had to leave for their first concert. Actually, they sang just a few numbers in a multi-school concert a fundaiser for the Davis Arts Foundation,sponsored by the Valley Chorale, a local barbershop group.

Here's a photo of grandson Connor in his finery (eating, as usual!) before the concert. His mother designed and sewed his costume...the detachable sleeves are not quite completed, which is fine for the not too cool Davis September weather.

We were pleased and amazed at how well the group blended already. They've only been singing together since the beginning of the school year...not quite two months. Twenty-two of the 30 member choir are new this year - an unusually large number of seniors last year.

They will be headed to New York (and D.C., I believe), during Spring Break -- watch for them if you live in that area. An impressive group.

We always look forward to the Madrigal Dinner, but this year will be extra special with second generation performing. My older son Mark sang with them in the mid-to late 70's. Their costumes weren't quite as elaborate nor was the choir as large. The quality of the singing has never been better, however, than it was then under the direction of Dick Brunelle. (We've asked Mark if he would like to fly down from Oregon for the occasion...they always invited former Mads to join them in singing some of the old favorite Christmas songs.)

The dinner is a traditional English holiday dinner -- Wassail, wassail! A papier machier suckling pig with apple in mouth is marched in on a large tray as the dinner is about to start. Guests names are announced with a trumpeter and escorted by one of the Madrigals to an assigned table. Very elegant. The singers stroll in singing after guests are all seated...and they sit at a long table in a wide semi-circle...and eat along with us. Beautifully decorated hall...and tables. Frequent toasts...Very festive!

When Dick Brunelle retired, he was honored with a reunion of all the Mads who had trained under his direction. Besides all the fun of getting together again, the put on a concert in his honor at the end of the reunion. Those who could still fit into or find their costumes wore them...hmmm.

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