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2004-09-18 - 1:19 a.m.

Freedom is on the March in Iraq? Really?

As we mourn the death of 23 from the horrendous hurricane Ivan, the total of American dead in Iraq rises beyond 1000. The terrible wages of war being inflicted on the people of Iraq goes all but uncounted as our President passes out propaganda that “Freedom is on the march in Iraq.” Check out the two blogs I’ve cited below and the graph of Iraqi Civilian Casualties” and ask them what they think about the progress of the war of liberation brought to them by the United States. Ask them whether they feel safer now than they did before the War.

From Riverbend’s Blog from Iraq

“We’re waiting again for some sort of condemnation. I, personally, never had faith in the American selected proxy government currently pretending to be in power- but for some reason, I keep thinking that any day now- any moment- one of the Puppets, Allawi for example, will make an appearance on television and condemn all the killing. One of them will get in front of a camera and announce his resignation or at the very least, his utter disgust, at the bombing, the burning and the killing of hundreds of Iraqis and call for an end to it… it’s a foolish hope, I know.”

Iraqi Civilian Casualties

And from A Family in Baghdad

Blood…blood…blood… all over the curbstones, the street, the shops, the residential buildings, then the camera lenses of News Agencies.

Al-Arabiya Channel correspondent was killed, Ghaith and other photographers were wounded. Tens of Iraqi civilians were killed and wounded. American Helicopter planes were hovering, and bombing…the bodies were piling, and nobody could advance to save the wounded…

And in a press conference attended by angry journalists in Baghdad, the American official apologized for the killing and wounding of reporters and civilians, saying that they ( the occupation forces) are making all efforts to reduce casualties and damages.

Oh, yes, we all believe that, noticing how serious he is….. Huh?

Isn't it the same play reoccurring in Fallujah, Sammarra, Najaf, Kufa, and Al-Sadder city??? War planes bomb, houses demolished, and dead civilians…

And the man apologizes.

Oh, GOD…”

They were wrong about WMD; they were wrong about the links with Al Qaeda. Lets hope they are wrong this time too as U.S. Intelligence shows pessimism on Iraq's future. My heart cries!

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