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2004-07-22 - 12:59 p.m.

Victorian English Rocking Horse

The other day when I was writing about the antique apothecary being moved into our living room, I thought about the other "props" from my stores, many of which now reside in our garage. The classic English rocking horse sits just to the left of the door as one enters the garage from the atrium entryway -- quite in the way, actually. Perhaps I should find a new home for him. We don't really have room for him in the house. He'd look rather silly out in the spa room, now wouldn't he? He'd be charming in the Ashland house...but where? Perhaps I'll list him on E-Bay. But what price would be reasonable, I wondered.

I typed in "English rocking horses" in the subject line of my PC...and up came several sites advertising new and restored horses. After checking the measurements, I decided the one in our garage is a "Large" - measures 49" from the floor to the tip of his ear. Here's the answer I received to my query:

Dear Joan Callaway,
Thank you for your interest in our rocking horses.The fully restored antique rocking horses start from 3500 ( $6475 approx) (for a medium size 39inches from floor to top of ear ) and we have both Ayres and Lines available. We also have a large Lines ( 49 inches high) at 4500 fully restored($8325approx)
If you let me know what size is of interest I can email photos of very similar horses. If the horse is for children, amedium size is usually outgrown by about age 6 years but a large horse will suit a 2 year old with supervision, but will also take the weight of an average adult. We can also finish one of our new horses with an antique glaze and black ironwork to look very much like an antique horse. The pattern for the new horses was taken from a very good Ayres horse which we had through the workshop for restoration.
Let me know if you need more information or if you would like a price for air freighting either a medium or large horse.
Jean Tildesley
Brian & Jean Tildesley,
Classic Rocking Horses.
Tel:+44(0)1845 501330
Fax:+44(0)1845 501700

Wow! ($8000+!!!)I had no idea. Of course, my horse, which dates back to late 1800's and was used in my store for 20+ years, no longer has any mane and just a tiny bit of a tail. A tiny bit of an ear and the stirrups are missing,and he needs a new paint job. But, the saddle is intact...and he has great bones!

Maybe I should move this valuable treasure out of the garage -- d'ya think?

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