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2004-07-20 - 12:17 p.m.

Today's the Day!

Four strong men and a dolly delivered the apothecary in two pieces at 10:00 this morning. I even heard Peter say, "Maybe I'll give up this teaching stuff," so I guess he thought it an easy gig for the $500 Yolo Transfer and Storage wanted for moving the thing one mile. Hopefully, none of their backs will be the worse for wear tomorrow.

Max had been here for his writing lesson, so for a nickle a drawer (99 of them, mind you), Peter enticed him into installing all of the drawers before he went to visit his buddy, Reed, who broke his leg during a baseball game this weekend. [He apparently went into a ditch trying to catch a ball that went over or by the fence.]

Now I have to unpack the boxes Ed filled when he took down the shelves in the living room to make room for the apothecary. These shelves are much higher, so may be a bit of a challenge to make them attractive, holding all the books, photos, and tchotkes that were displayed. We'll see. But it's a pretty impressive (read massive!) piece of furniture in and of itself. Max wonders what I'm going to do with 99 drawers!

.Ed's flying today. Before he left this morning, however, he brought me his old Tilley Endurable Hat, the one with the brag tag claiming it to be "the best outdoor hat in the world.... It floats, ties on, repels rain and mildew, won't shrink, and will be replaced free if it wears out (yes, put it in your Will)...Sewn with Canadian persnicketiness." They warn to wash often because "sweat weakens the fabric." What they didn't know, was that pilots must sweat more than the average. But as good as their word, when he returned the hat to them, they replaced with nary a murmur...and even sent back his old hat that had come apart from the rim.

So the other day when he had gotten half way to Sacramento, remembered his hat and driven back to Davis, I suggested that maybe I could mend the old ripped one to keep in the trunk of the car in case of just such an emergency. His doctor doesn't want him out in this hot Sacramento Valley sun without a hat to shade his melanoma-prone face, so he tries to be diligent. [He's also had to drive back for his hearing aids, but no, we're not going to have an extra set of those made for emergencies. He'll just have to make the trip!]

You may remember that Ed pinned a limerick to his hospital gown for his surgeon before he had his kidney removed. Good thing his doctor had a sense of humor. I'd say. Look what happened to this guy when his doctor had a tantrum!

We drove up into the foothills to Rescue to visit friends yesterday - friends with whom we frequently play a game of some kind. After a leisurely brunch, Jeanne and Ed walked down to the mailboxes to get the mail, while I used Jeanne's Ten stimulator (not sure that's how you spell it or if that's what it really is, but if felt good) on my knee that has been troubling me. And THEN...they taught us a new to us game of Mexican Train dominoes. Silly game! But I won two out of three games -- much better than when we played Chicago Rummy, which I don't think I have EVER won! When I was looking for rules for Mexican Train,I found several variations. It seems there's much more strategy with Chicago Rummy, which you play with two decks of regular playing cards, including jokers. And then you play five hands, as follows:

  • First Hand: Lay down 2 sets of 3 or more in a set – at one time. Except for the fifth and final game, you may play cards on your own sets or on those of other players after they have laid down their two sets. [You may draw or pick up the discard pile down as far as you wish to go.]
  • Second Hand: 1 run of 4 of the same suit (or more) and 1 set (one of each) – at one time.
  • Third Hand: 2 runs at one time.
  • Fourth Hand: 3 sets at one time.
  • Fifth Hand: 2 sets, 1 run and go out – the game ends at that point. At the end of the game, points left in players’s hands count against them…as follows:
  • Joker: 20 points
  • Ace: 15 points
  • K-Q-J-10 – 10 points
  • 9-2 : 5 points each Low score wins!

    Michael always wins! I hate this game!(Just kidding!)Thanks for a delicious lunch and a restful afternoon.

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