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2004-06-25 - 1:24 p.m.

Fahrenheit 9/11 - Not a Movie, It's a Wake-Up Call

by Joan Callaway

  • Michael Moore's movie has barely hit the theatres and it is already being shot down with unsubstantiated attacks. Chris Hitchens' Hatchet Job on Michael Moore has point-by-point been defended by Chris Parry at the link below. In the interest of truth, please log on to this link and make your own judgments about whether to see the film. I certainly will.

    Defending Truth:Chris Hitchens Does Hatchet Job on Michael Moore

    And while you're there, check out this story, too:

    Fahrenheit 9/ll - Not a Movie, It's a Wake-Up Call

  • I am relieved to note and happy to report that following an unprecedented public outcry, a federal appeals court rejected the Federal Communications Commission's rules. The decision gives priority to the public interest over corporate bottom-lines. Because of that, we will still be able to see movies like Moore's F-9/11 and get a broader spectrum of views in media reporting. Hooray for transparency and quality journalism on which democracy depends!

    I'm keeping this short today, so that you may have time to go read the above link. Thanks for stopping by.

    P. S. "Oh, one other thing; if you're wondering why Fahrenheit 9/11 isn't playing at your local Loewes Theater, you should understand that the company was just bought... by the Carlyle Group. Carlyle is the fifth largest defense contractor in the U.S., and both George Bush, Jr. and Sr. have at one time either worked for the company or served on the board. Don't expect to see many anti-right-wing documentaries playing at Loewes any time soon."

    And to see how desperate they really are, log onto the official Bush-Cheney campaign site and watch their latest video, complete with photos of Hitler haranguing the crowds. Guess you'll probably see it on TV. Disgusting!

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