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2004-06-18 - 6:10 p.m.

I've Run Out of Rant...Almost

by Joan Callaway

I've ranted so much in the past few days, I've just about run out of rant! Just read Pandionna a few minutes ago and she said it all, so just hop right on over to http://pandionna.diaryland.com/index.html

for what I would say if I had the energy.

I listened today for as long as I could stomach Dubya with all those well-clad Fort Lewis soldiers lined up behind him, applauding at appropriate times when he extolled the greatness of our country and of the just cause in Iraq, replete with extensive explicit moral underpinnings. God has spoken to Dubya, ya know - "'Merica is a force for good, bringing democracy to the people of Iraq and the whole Middle East." The great paradox, of course, is that the "tehrists" are getting a different message from God. Their message from God seems to be, "Go after those no-good Imperial 'Mericans, who have for the past fifty years been sticking their noses in the business of the Middle East. One decade they supported Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, when it was in their interests. They gave 'em guns; they gave 'em money. They're a fickle lot." It's too confusing even for God, I suspect, to figure out just who is the enemy here.

Like I said I'm out of rant...almost. Go read Pandionna. You'll like her. Her rant seems recharged today in light of another beheading...this time in the land of our friends, the Saudi Arabians.

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