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2004-06-06 - 3:05 p.m.

Home Again, Home Again...

By Joan Callaway

Ed called this morning with his usual greeting when he’s on his way home from work, “Home Again, Home Again.” The resident had come in earlier and signed his release and Marci picked him up at 11 a.m. The sheets are changed and his bed is ready with lots of pillows. Won’t be the same as that hospital bed that raises, lowers, puts the legs in varied positions, but the best we can do. I hope he’ll be relatively comfortable…and maybe not stay in bed so much. One of our straighter-back game table chairs should give him comfortable seating in front of the TV.

The hospital provides just what is needed the first two or three days, but after that there is nothing like being in your own bed with your own family and things around you. Not to mention having your own favorite foods prepared just as you like them and a bit of peace and quiet. No one poking and prodding, taking your vitals every few hours.

Incidentally, I was politely informed that I needed help with my limerick sensibilities. Oh, well! Here’s the real limerick:

There once was a man with a hernia,

Who said to his doctor,

“Gol’ dern ya,

When you work on my middle,

Be sure you don’t fiddle

With things that do not concern ya!”

Ed is home and all is well. We're going to have a little toes-up!

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